Tutorial de Microsoft Outlook 2003

9 Aug

La página Free E-mail tutorial nos ofrece un tutorial para la instalación y uso de MS Outlook 2003.

El tutorial está dividido en diversas secciones  presentadas a continuación

Acceda también el Tutorial para detalles específicos sobre el programa Outlook.

Outlook 2003 installationInstalling Outlook 2003 and Basic Overview

Installing Microsoft Outlook 2003In these tutorials, we will show you how to install Outlook 2003 on your computer; then, give you a brief overview of the new “Outlook in System Tray” feature, and cover Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

Installing Outlook 2003 | Outlook in System Tray | Microsoft’s CEIP Program.

Email account setup in Outlook 2003Setting Up an Email Account and Importing Data in Outlook 2003

Setting up and importing email accounts/contacts in Outlook 2003These tutorials will guide you through the process of setting up an email account in Outlook 2003. Alternatively, or additionally, how to import email account settings from Outlook Express or Eudora. Finally, you will learn how to easily import your old emails and contacts (address books) in Outlook 2003.


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Outlook 2003 interfaceOutlook 2003’s Interface

Outlook 2003's interfaceIn this tutorial, you will familiarize yourself with Outlook’s “interface” (task pane, navigation pane and reading pane), discover Outlook Today, learn how to customize it, and read a brief overview on customizing Outlook’s interface.

Outlook 2003 Address Book tool and ContactsAddress Books and Contacts in Outlook 2003

Address Book and Contacts in Outlook 2003These tutorials will explain how to use and manage address books and contacts in Outlook 2003, how to create contacts and distribution lists, and how to export your contacts (to use them with another Outlook installation for example).

Outlook’s Address Book | Finding Contacts | Backup or Export Contacts

Outlook 2003 email distribution listsEmail Distribution Lists in Outlook 2003

Email distribution list icon in Outlook 2003Outlook 2003 lets you easily reach groups of people with a single click, by using email distribution lists (or “mailing lists”). These tutorials will show you how to create distribution lists in Outlook, how to add contacts and how to send emails to distribution lists.

Favorite folders in Outlook 2003Using Favorite Folders in Outlook 2003

Using Favorite Folders in Outlook 2003To help you deal with an increasing amount of email folders, Outlook 2003 enables you to isolate frequently used folders as “Favorite Folders“, which are visible above standard email folders from the Mail tab.

Multiple user profiles with Outlook 2003Using Multiple Profiles in Outlook 2003

Using multiple profiles in Outlook 2003Outlook 2003 allows you to use multiple Profiles (or Identity, as they are called in Outlook Express), even for the same Windows user. By using several profiles (a personal and business profile for example), emails and contacts are separated in different data files.

Customize email accounts in Outlook 2003Customizing Your Email Accounts in Outlook 2003

How to customize your email accounts in Outlook 2003Outlook 2003 will use default settings when you setup email accounts, we will show you how to customize Outlook’s settings. These settings include your display name, email account name, ports used and server timeouts, as well as authentication options.

Configuring general email options in Outlook 2003General Email Options in Outlook 2003

General email options in Outlook 2003General Email Options cover Outlook 2003’s basic behavior when handling email, drafts and addressing options, and Tracking options (to handle read and delivery receipts).

Configuring spelling options in Outlook 2003Spelling Options in Outlook 2003

Customizing spelling options in Outlook 2003Outlook 2003 comes with a built-in spell-checker, which supports multiple languages; the Spelling Options allow you to configure spelling, grammar, and AutoCorrect options (and when to ignore spelling errors), as well as add words to a custom dictionary.

Outlook 2003’s Spelling Options | AutoCorrect Options | Custom Dictionary

Outlook 2003 "Customize Dialog"Outlook 2003’s Customize Dialog

Outlook 2003's Customize DialogOutlook 2003’s Customize Dialog is the central location where menu and toolbar options are grouped. This powerful tool empowers you to customize menus and toolbars beyond the basic, and even let you create your own menus and toolbars.


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